Meeting planning & facilitation

No matter how expert in-house staff are at planning and running meetings there are often times when organisations identify a need for an external facilitator—someone to bring independence, neutrality, a new perspective.

We work with clients to plan and run outcome-focused meetings. These range from stakeholder consultations, strategic planning sessions with company Boards/CEOs, to management workshops and departmental-wide planning days.

Prior to the meeting we help:

  • identify/confirm the purpose of the workshops and desired outcomes
  • identify attendees and develop the agenda
  • design the group processes to attain the desired results

During the meeting we:

  • keep the meeting on track and manage the group process
  • encourage participation from all and foster solutions
  • note unresolved issues for later debate

Post the meeting, if required, we:

  • write up the key outcomes/results
  • provide counsel on addressing unresolved issues